Author: Dr. Sean Hubbard

HooKnew you needed a retractable keychain?!?!

Yo!!! HooKnew you needed a retractable keychain?!?!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for anything I can do to simplify life, as even the small things have become cumbersome, anymore! Like, why should carrying your keys, grabbing them, holding them, or putting them away distract us from things more crucial?

If you typically keep your keys in your pocket, by 11AM, your light-colored khakis have a dirty outline of them as evidence – who needs that!? Just one benign rub against your car is all it takes!

Ever since purging my keys down to the essentials (home, office, and car), I realize I really haven’t needed to carry all that disorganization from place-to-place, every day, and all-day-long… It stands, then, to reason the essential keys, should also be easy to grab, once needed. Nothing beats a key, which is already out and doesn’t have to be replaced once used – it retracts itself!

The first one of these gadgets, I found in a key and lock store, along one of the main roads; it had a thin metal chain, as part of its retraction mechanism. But, I was so thrilled with this new functionality, I didn’t even mind the noise made or the feel of it retracting; I didn’t even mind its rugged appearance, as it remained fairly inconspicuous. But, then I came across sleeker options.

You can easily find a steel wire, 24-inch option, which is smaller, cheaper, and more easily accompanies dressier wears. Recently, for just 10 smacks, I bought 3 of them online. Provided you’re not the kind to frequently change keychains, for 10 measly dollars you can get one for yourself, and a couple other dudes you know – they’ll love it!

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