Do You Love Working or Are You Just Doing It for Money?

“You’re a workaholic” has become one the most annoying things a person can say to me. There’s almost no other statement that makes me feel more misunderstood…

First of all, I work to address financial obligations, and I have many – the last thing I want to be is accused for being/doing something any responsible person should be doing…

Another issue is, that I enjoy my work, so I don’t generally walk around begrudging the things there that have to be done.

And guys always want to be able to answer the the predictably unpredictable calls made, which require you guessed it – MONEY!! There’s no way around it; we need it for food, shelter, transportation, and all the other things, that keep us safe & happy.

But, maybe I’m just rationalizing, like every other person, who’s addicted to something, so what’s your take? Do you work primarily for money or do you really enjoy working? What drive you the most?

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